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Kwameh Nkurumah on AfricanDamu

Kwameh was Ghana’s first president. He was a revolutionary and sought after African unity. He was a leader necessary in his time, supporting the independence of other African nations. Here is his life’s work.


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Ozwald Boateng on AfricanDamu

Ozwald is the most successful Ghanaian-British fashion designers of our age. He has dressed the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Will Smith, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne,  Anthony Hopkins, Spike Lee, Lenny Kravitz and Jamie Foxx just to name a few. His website reveals his highly sought after designs.

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Idris Elba on AfricanDamu

Idris Elba, the child of a Ghanaian mother and a Sierra Leonean father is one of the most striking actors in Hollywood. He was born and raised in the UK. For more on his achievements here is his Wikipedia page.

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Boris Kodje on AfricanDamu

Boris was born in Austria to a German mother and Ghanaian father. He is an established actor and model in the US.

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