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Olivia from Cameroon is a vibrant young lady with refreshing views and plans for her country. She is also the president of Harambee Cameroon, an organization comprising of Cameroonians in the Diaspora and in Cameroon. Olivia’s blog gives us a deeper look at her ideas.


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Imane Ayissi

imane image from camabroad.blogspot.com

Cameroon’s Imane is a model, fashion designer, dancer and actor. He says the following when asked about his early designing years by FAFA Kenya ” I used to cut rags and join cloths. My auntie offered me a sewing machine and I started to make dresses for my mother and my sister. I learnt from nothing, I didn’t follow any course of design. When I create, I like to tell a story, to mix movement and dance” Here is his website.

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