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Benin born now London based Samantha Jane is the creator of Fabryan, a fashion house lauched in 2010. Samantha told Jamati Online that her passion for designing came from an early age when she used to watch her mother sew and would take scraps of materials to make dresses for her dolls.


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Rafiy Smith Okefolahan

Benin’s Rafiy is a talented artist from Porto Novo. He is the force behind the cultural movement to promote artists in Benin. Here is more on his efforts In order to view the gallery of his work, check out his page.

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Djimon Honsou on AfricanDamu

Benin born Djimon Honsou is a force to reckon in the US acting industry. He has starred in Amistad, Gladiator, Push and Blood Diamond. For more information, here is his Wikipedia page

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