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Sabrina Iyadede

Sabrina Iyadede image from www.ladybrillemag.com

Rwanda’s Sabrina was born and raised in Rwanda until the genocide forced her and her family to relocate to Belgium. Despite her sad past Sabrina managed to step up and pursue her passion, music. She talks to Ladybrille about her life and work.


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Tara Kendyle on AfricanDamu

Tara is an educator and activist for genocide awareness. She is the force behind teensMAD4Rwanda, a student project to spread awareness of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. USA Today provides a detailed account of Tara and her team’s amazing campaign.Her Youtube channel, twitter account and website illustrate her determination to let the world know of the unacceptable nature of the Rwandan genocide.

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Joseph Sebarenzi

Joseph Sebarenzi image from josephsebarenzi.com

Rwanda’s Dr. Joseph Sebarenzi is an author, genocide survivor, former speaker of the Rwanda Parliament and currently a lecturer at the SIT/Graduate Institute. His book “God Sleeps in Rwanda: A Journey of Transformation” is an account of his experience in Rwanda.

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Christelle Avomo

Christelle Avomo image from www.topnews.in

Gabon’s Christelle is a Dance-Pop/R&B singer. She immigrated to America in 2006 after which her track “What You Gon’ Do Wit It” featuring Dizzy D which was released as a maxi single  reached Billboard Top 10 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales in May 2009.

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Tonee Ndungu

Tonee Ndungu image from plancast.com

Kenya’s Tonee is a captivating man with a passion for innovation and Africa. He was the force behind The NAiLAB, an ICT incubator initiative in Nairobi. Tonee is now a leadership and motivational speaker mostly targeting young professionals and technology enthusiasts. His website and Twitter page give updates on what good he is up to.

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Dr. Hawa Abdi

Hawa Abdi and daughters image from www.glamour.com

Somalia’s Dr. Hawa Abdi is an OB/GYN (and a lawyer) who lives and works in Somalia with her daughters, also doctors, Dr. Amina Mohamed and Dr. Dr. Deqo Mohamed. In 2010, Glamour named Dr. Abdi and her daughters “Women of the Year,” and called them the “Saints of Somalia.” Nicholas Kristoff wrote a stirring tribute to her work titled “Heroic, Female and Muslim.”

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Rwanda’s I.Paulin is an amazing vocalist an producer. He moved to 1999 The Netherlands where after taking time to improve his skills, he toured Belgium, France, Germany. His Facebook page and Twitter account tell us more about him.

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